The domestic market for therapeutic medical devices has exceeded 4 trillion yen and continues to grow. However, Japan’s trade deficit in this field is growing year by year and already exceeds 1 trillion yen at the same time. The market for medical devices continues to expand as new medical devices are constantly being developed around the world in response to advances in treatment technology.
 Clinicians and development manufacturers are working together to develop new medical devices for less invasive surgeries, and risk money for development is also well supplied. On the other hand, Japan continues to be inferior in terms of technological, developmental, and financial capabilities, especially in the field of medical devices for treatment, and we believe that this has led to the current and future expansion of the trade deficit.
 In order to become a world-class medical device manufacturer, we must develop new products that not only have clinical benefits, but also have unique technologies and new functions that other companies cannot produce. In order to become a world-class medical device manufacturer, we are required to develop new products that combine clinical benefits, unique technologies that other companies cannot produce, and new functions.
 The products we have developed are a combination of magnesium alloys developed by the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) and microfabrication technology, which is Japan’s forte, and have unprecedented characteristics as bioabsorbable implantable medical devices. We aim to leverage these strengths to achieve domestic production of Japan-originated therapeutic medical devices and to develop products with a competitive advantage in the global market.
 In order to increase our corporate value, we are also focusing on our development capability as our strength and on human resource development, including research, development, and management personnel, and as an entrepreneurial company in the development of medical devices in Japan, we will challenge to develop not only medical devices but also medical equipment and regenerative medical products based on our knowledge in the future. In the future, we will take on the challenge of developing not only medical devices but also medical equipment and regenerative medicine products based on our knowledge. To this end, we will focus on discovering new products while considering cooperative frameworks and mergers among venture companies, and aim to become a venture company that can execute the entire process of discovering, developing, and manufacturing the first domestically produced medical-related products needed in the medical field.

Mel-Frontier, Ltd
CEO  Akira Kitagawa